Smooth and polish jewelries.

What does a Polisher do?

Smooths and polishes jewelry, such as charms, earrings, pins, rings, and bracelets, using polishing wheel: Selects polishing wheel and dressing compound according to type of metal to be polished and type of finish desired. Applies dressing compound or rouge to rotating wheel and moves article against wheel to remove surface blemishes and produce luster. May apply dressing compound and rub articles with cloth to remove discoloration and produce luster. May immerse jewelry in plating solution for specified time to coat jewelry with gold, silver, or other material. May polish areas of rings that are inaccessible to polishing wheel, using strip of abrasive polishing fabric. May buff jewelry findings with abrasive to produce grain effect and be designated Grainer. When holding jewelry against lapping disk to smooth soldered joints, rough edges, and file marks, may be designated Lapper. When holding jewelry against wire-brush wheel to remove stains, oxide coatings, solder flux, and to produce satin-finished surfaces, may be designated Scratch Brusher.