Policy Value Calculator

Compile and compute loans or surrender value of life insurance policies.

What does a Policy Value Calculator do?

Compiles and computes loan or surrender value of life insurance policy, using calculator, and rate books and tables: Computes amount payable to policyholder who drops insurance, allows insurance to lapse, or requests loan on policy, considering factors, such as unclaimed dividends, premiums paid in advance, length of time held, and principal sum, using calculator. Records values on sheet for preparation of correspondence to policyholder and entry onto master file. When working on dropped policies and policyholder requests full cash value, is known as Cash-Surrender Calculator. When working on dropped policies and policyholder does not request full cash value, prorates cash value to determine time policy may be kept in force and is known as Extended-Insurance Clerk. When working on policy loans, calculates repayments, using interest tables, and is known as Policy-Loan Calculator. May specialize in data related to pension plans and life insurance, such as premiums, dividends, retirements, and death benefits, and be designated Calculation Clerk. May verify and recompute calculations made by other workers and be designated Calculation Reviewer.