Policy Change Clerk

Compile data and record changes in insurance policies.

What does a Policy Change Clerk do?

Compiles data and records changes in insurance policies: Examines letter from insured or agent, original application, and other company documents to determine how to effect proposed changes, such as change in beneficiary or method of payment, increase in principal sum or type of insurance. Corresponds with insured or agent to obtain supplemental information or to explain how change would not conform to company regulations or state laws, or routes file to POLICYHOLDER-INFORMATION CLERK 249.262-010. Calculates premium, commission adjustments, and new reserve requirements, using rate books, statistical tables, and calculator or computer, and knowledge of specific types of policies. Transcribes data to abstract or enters data into computer for use in preparing documents and adjusting accounts. May write abstract or enter data into computer to prepare new policy or rider to existing policy. May underwrite changes when increase in amount of risk occurs.