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Police Service Technician

Help process the paperwork for nonviolent crimes.

What does a Police Service Technician do?

A Police Service Technician handles the backlog of nonviolent crimes and other daily tasks, such as filing public complaint forms or issuing parking tickets, that other Police Officers don’t have time to cover. Without Police Service Technicians, burglaries and traffic accidents would go unreported, evidence would remain unprocessed, and smaller crime scene investigations would never be completed.

While Police Officers handle violent crimes, as a Police Service Technician you deal with the smaller crimes. Every day, a civilian needs help filing a report about a car accident or reporting stolen property. You inspect the scene of the crime or accident, take notes, fill out the forms, and process evidence related to the case. The key difference between your work and that of a Police Officer is that you handle crimes where the suspect is long gone from the scene, and there’s little to no risk of confrontation or violence.

Public assistance ranges from collecting information on stolen or lost items to providing fingerprinting services to individuals, who may need fingerprint records to work for certain employers. Due to the low-risk nature of your work, you don’t carry any sort of weapon.

Your cases may not make headline news, but they provide you with many opportunities to help others. Violent crimes occur less often, thankfully, than the mishaps of day-to-day life. You fill in the cracks in the justice system to ensure that everyone is treated equally, no matter how big or small the case.