Police Records Specialist

Handle the paperwork at a police station.

What does a Police Records Specialist do?

The Secretary of the police department, a Police Records Specialist handles the paperwork and greets the public at the police station. While Policemen enforce the law on the streets, Police Records Specialists enforce order in the office.

Working as a Police Records Specialist involves more than filing records or updating the database. It’s about ensuring that Lawyers receive criminal records for their court cases, sensitive information is kept secure, and warrants are properly filed.

Without your sharp eye for detail, a court case might be thrown out or the wrong person could receive a traffic citation. Despite the action in Cop shows, in reality, catching the bad guy involves lots of red tape.

When you’re not checking records and submitting legal forms, you offer the first line of interaction with the general public. Reporters call about ongoing cases, citizens come to the station to report thefts, and you handle each issue efficiently. You know what info you can release – like monthly crime statistics – and what info stays under wraps.

You act as a bridge between the police force and the community it serves. With the constant hustle and bustle, someone has to keep track of it all and make sure legal procedures are followed so justice can be done.