Police Inspector II

Visit public gatherings to detect, prevent, and solve crimes.

What does a Police Inspector II do?

Visits railroad stations, stores, theaters, places of amusement, or public gatherings to detect, prevent, and solve crimes: Notes actions of known criminals or suspicious persons to prevent crimes. Ascertains that establishments and publicly licensed gatherings conform to law. Arrests or warns unruly persons, law violators, and suspected criminals. Compares lists of stolen merchandise with items displayed in retail stores, pawn shops, used-car lots, and other outlets for such goods. Directs closing of illegal establishments and indecent amusement performances. Alerts other police officers or public authorities to take prescribed action after he has left the premises. Files reports of establishments visited, findings, and recommendations for action. May be designated according to assigned beat or establishment visited as Inspector, Pawnshop Detail. May be permanently assigned to specific establishment, such as ballpark or recreation center.