Police Helicopter Pilot

Provide eye-in-the-sky surveillance of local traffic and fleeing suspects.

What does a Police Helicopter Pilot do?

Police Helicopter Pilots are trained Police Officers with one special advantage: They can fly. Any time simple groundwork won’t do the trick, Police Helicopter Pilots can hop in their choppers and save the day with their flying skills.

Criminals often choose to flee in their fast-moving cars, and it can be difficult for Police Officers to follow in their own cars. As a Police Helicopter Pilot, you fly overhead, training a spotlight on the bad guys and communicating with the other Police Officers via radio. Suspects who escape on foot are sometimes given the same treatment as you track them from above in your aircraft.

Campers, hikers, and motorists can grow disoriented and lost in the deep of night or the blinding white of a snowstorm. Your Police Chief tells you where the people were last seen, and you jump into your aircraft to look for the missing people. Circling the area very slowly, you look for signs of life, and notify Police Officers on the ground if you spot anything unusual.

After each mission, you fill out detailed reports that outline what you saw and what you did. Dressing up and heading to court to testify against criminals isn’t a rare occurrence.

Maintaining your helicopter with loving care helps you stay prepared for any emergency. When you arrive at the hangar after a mission, you refill the tank with fuel and check the oil and fluid levels. Before you take off again, you run a series of checks to make sure the aircraft is functioning properly and ready to jump into the sky once more.