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Police Academy Program Coordinator

Create and run law enforcement training programs.

What does a Police Academy Program Coordinator do?

A Police Academy Program Coordinator plans training programs for law enforcement workers, incorporating the best possible methods and materials. If you’re a Police Academy Program Coordinator, you work mostly in an office, creating programs for new recruits, in-service Police Officers, licensed Security Guards, and other law enforcement personnel. Occasionally, you also visit the police academy, perhaps sitting in on class and observing training to ensure that your choices for your programs are effective.

When you aren’t planning programs or visiting the academy, you review new police technology. Manufacturers of products that may be useful for your police station or police academy send you sample products, and it’s up to you to sift through all the possibilities and choose the best ones. You also read through various training manuals, books, magazines, and journals in hopes of finding new and relevant information that can be utilized in your work. Additionally, you actively seek out feedback on the program from students and Instructors alike to determine what should and shouldn’t be included in the training.

After assessing the current programs, you can effectively suggest new courses and topics in the classroom or out in the field. But you take into account more than just the wishes of the students and Teachers. As the Police Academy Program Coordinator, you’re a part of the administration, first and foremost, so you think about the number of recruits you have coming in, the number of available Teachers, and your funds allotment, too.

You assign more Teachers to a particular course, if necessary. You also schedule class times, and ensure that the correct amount of books and materials are ordered and ready for use. Finally, you maintain detailed records of students and enrollment numbers, as well as the programs available.