Use words and rhymes to create poetry.

What does a Poet do?

If phrases like “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” roll easily off your tongue, then the job of a Poet is probably a pretty good fit for you. As a Poet, you spend your days writing poetry. You can be like Shakespeare and write sonnets. Or you can…

String words together

Like this. Brief yet descriptive,

It’s called a haiku.

You can be a Writer of limericks like Edward Lear. Or you can try writing odes (and impress someone you’re attracted to in the process). There are many other types of poetry that you can try—fixed verse, roundels, the list goes on and on.

While there are well-known Poets who support themselves entirely on their writing, you should know this isn’t a job that you do for money. Instead, you write because you love it. You might make it big. But like all art, it’s hard work and there’s no guarantee of good, or even consistent, pay.

If you’re still set on paying rent with your poetry, the first step is to get yourself published. A book is the biggest payoff, but it takes a long time to write and it can be difficult to find a Publisher. Recently, self-publishing has made it easier to get your work out there. But be aware that you’ll be doing your own editing and marketing if you go this route.

While you’re writing, keep cash coming in by publishing in anthologies, magazines, or journals. Take advantage of every opportunity you can find by applying for them all. The more you get your name out there and the more attention you get for your work, the easier it will be to find bigger and bigger job options.