Podiatrist Assistant

Take care of paperwork and patients at a Podiatrist's office.

What does a Podiatrist Assistant do?

Feet go through a staggering amount of abuse each day. They’re crammed into tight shoes, stepped on by clumsy dance partners, and cut open by sharp rocks.

For people with ailing feet, a Podiatrist provides relief. For a Podiatrist, a Podiatrist Assistant also provides relief. That’s because a Podiatrist Assistant can handle all sorts of tasks in the office, from tackling clerical duties to assisting with surgery.

Patients who arrive in the office must fill out paperwork, confirm their payment information, and hand over notes from their Doctors. As a Podiatrist Assistant, you work with each patient to complete these tasks, and then you escort them to the exam room.

Here, you ask the patient to remove shoes, socks, and other foot impediments, and you look over their feet. You might clean dirty feet so the Podiatrist can get through the exam quickly. Along the way, you keep accurate notes of the work you do, and notify the Podiatrist when you’re done.

Patients often need minor surgical procedures to help solve their foot problems. Before surgery, you prepare a room for the Doctor and place clean equipment in it. During the procedure, you might help hold the patient still, or you might hand the Podiatrist equipment and tools. At the end of the surgery, you clean and sterilize all tools.

Billing the patient’s insurance company and taking in payments from patients are also your responsibility. Additionally, you schedule appointments, and call patients to remind them of their appointments. If the office becomes disheveled, or the air begins to smell like socks, you clean and tidy the area.