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Pocket Cutter

Operate machines to cut gates into window jambs.

What does a Pocket Cutter do?

Operates machine to cut gates into window jambs to allow for installation and adjustment of sash counterweights after frames are erected: Adjusts distance between saws, using wrench. Positions stops on machine table according to dimensions of jamb and specified location of gate. Places jamb on machine table against stops and clamps jamb in place. Starts machine, and pulls lever to feed stock into circular saws that cut two parallel slits into jamb to form sides of gate. Presses pedal that raises one set of two reciprocating saw blades and lowers another set of two blades to cut slits simultaneously across wood grain on top and bottom of jamb to form ends of gate. Measures completed cuts for accuracy, using rule, and makes machine adjustments. May replace worn saw blades. May operate pocket cutter combined with pulley mortiser and be designated Pocket-And-Pulley-Machine Operator.