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Pneumatic Tool Operator

Perform duties involved in chipping parts of ships using pneumatic tools.

What does a Pneumatic Tool Operator do?

Performs any of following duties involved in chipping, caulking, drilling, and riveting steelplates, beams, and other structural parts of ships under construction or repair, using pneumatic tools: Caulks overlapping seams between steelplates to make seams watertight, using caulking tool. Chips, cuts, trims, and bevels metal to various shapes and sizes, using handtools and pneumatic hammer. Drills, reams, and countersinks rivet and bolt holes, pipe openings, or other holes in steelplate, steel beams, and angle iron, using portable drilling machines. Heats rivets in forge to specified temperature. Presses steel bar against head of hot rivet while RIVETER, HAND hydrostatically tests rivet from opposite side. Tests compartments, tanks, and other watertight parts for leaks, using water and air pressure.