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Plush Weaver

Operate battery of looms to weave plush fabrics.

What does a Plush Weaver do?

Operates battery of looms to weave plush fabric: Observes fabric being woven to detect weaving defects, such as exhausted filling, yarn breaks, or mechanical defects. Pulls out broken filling and pushes shuttle through shed or pulls yarn through guides for rapier pickup to insert new pick. Replaces exhausted packages with supply packages in creel. Examines cloth for uneven cutting after automatic knife separates double-woven pile fabric. Notifies LOOM FIXER 683.260-018 if pile is not cut smoothly; or raises flags on looms to signal breakdown or that cloth needs cutting. Marks or cuts fabric when specified yardage has been woven. Records pick clock readings of assigned looms at beginning and end of shift to maintain plant control form. May be designated according to type of loom operated as Weaver, Rapier-Insertion Loom; Weaver, Wire Loom.