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Plumbing and Hydraulics Aircraft Mechanic

Lay out, assemble, install, and test plumbing and hydraulic systems.

What does a Plumbing and Hydraulics Aircraft Mechanic do?

Lays out, assembles, installs, and tests plumbing and hydraulic systems and components in aircraft, following blueprints and production illustrations, using handtools, power tools, and test equipment: Lays out location of parts and assemblies, such as surface control boosters, landing gears, vacuum units, and fuel, oil, oxygen, and water systems, according to specifications, using measuring and marking instruments. Assembles and installs parts and assemblies, using handtools and power tools. Adjusts working mechanisms of installed parts and assemblies to blueprint specifications. Conducts pressure, leak, and functional tests of installed systems, using test equipment. Repairs or replaces malfunctioning system components. May fabricate parts incidental to assembly and installation, using shop equipment.