Plugging Machine Operator

Operate machines that rout out defects in boards and insert plugs.

What does a Plugging Machine Operator do?

Operates machine that routs out defects, such as knots, dents, and holes, in boards, and inserts glue and plugs in cutout areas: Fastens router and plug cutter into machine chucks, using wrench. Fills glue reservoir. Inserts wood slat into machine for plug material. Grasps board and inspects board for defects, such as knots, dents, and blemishes. Starts machine, and inserts defect in board under device holding router and plug cutter. Depresses pedal, causing router to bore hole, glue injector to inject glue into hole, and plug cutter to cut plug and press it into glued hole. Removes board, wipes off excess glue, and stacks it on pallet on cart.