Platen Press Feeder

Tend platen presses that print information onto materials.

What does a Platen Press Feeder do?

Tends platen press that prints information onto material, such as paper or cloth, using either of following methods: Places stack of paper in feed tray of automatic feeding mechanism, adjusting height of tray according to height of load. Adjusts guide bars and air pressure controls to regulate force of air in suction feed cups according to size and weight of paper. Starts press and observes feeding operation. Removes printed sheets from discharge tray. Places piece of cloth or paper against gauge pins on press platen while press head is in upper position. Removes and scans printed material for conformance to standards and inserts new piece after press head descends and returns to upper position. May ink rollers of machine, using putty knife. May be designated according to material printed as Cloth Printer.