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Platen Grinder

Tend pair of semiautomatic cylindrical grinders that grind rubber platens.

What does a Platen Grinder do?

Tends pair of semiautomatic cylindrical grinders that grind typewriter and adding machine rubber platens and feed rollers to specified diameter and finish: Mounts platen between driving head and tailstock and trips lever causing carriage to bear platen against and across grinding wheel for coarse grind and rough finish. Removes platen, mounts it in second machine equipped with finer grit wheel, and grinds platen to specified diameter and desired finish. Examines finished platen for smoothness and for defects in rubber, such as scratches, graining, or holes. Measures platen for conformance to specified diameter, using C-gage. May tend double-bladed cutting device to trim excess rubber from ends of platen. May tend machine that grinds and finishes platens and rollers in single operation.