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Plate Inspector

Inspect offset lithographic printing plates for quality and content.

What does a Plate Inspector do?

Inspects offset lithographic printing plates for quality and content at printing establishment: Visually examines plates for defects, such as spaces, spots, broken type, and crooked or overlapping halftones, and views film and film flat used to produce plates to determine cause of defect. Compares halftones and screen tints on plates to film flat, using magnifier, to detect overdevelopment or underdevelopment of plates. Measures plates with ruler and compares measurements and appearance of plates to prepress proofs to verify accuracy of positioning and presence of artwork and type for each color. Applies correcting solutions to plates or notifies supervisor of defects and suspected causes. Delivers plates meeting establishment criteria and companion materials, such as artwork, proofs, pasteups, film, and film flats, to press for printing.