Plate Grainer

Operate plate graining machines to roughen faces of zinc or aluminum metal.

What does a Plate Grainer do?

Operates plate graining machine to roughen faces of flexible sheets of zinc or aluminum metal for use in offset-photolithographic printing: Operates power shear to cut sheets of aluminum and zinc to size, and clamps them to bed of graining machine tub. Operates hydraulic lifting and tilting mechanism attached to machine to load and unload machine with specified amount of steel or wooden balls, water, and abrasive. Washes sediment from plates with water hose at end of graining cycle and places on conveyor for further washing under water jets and drying under heating unit. Examines each plate with magnifier at inspection table for uniformity, size, and structure of grain. Stacks plates in shipping crate. Rolls out and hammers used plates to remove gripper marks, dents, and bent corners. Lubricates machine and replaces worn bearings. May grain plates by wet or dry sandblasting. May feed plates through graining machine having reel-type nylon brush which roughens surface with abrasive and water. May grain plates with glass marbles.