Plastics and Composites Inspector

Inspect and test plastic and composite aircraft and aerospace parts.

What does a Plastics and Composites Inspector do?

Inspects and tests plastic and composite aircraft and aerospace parts, assemblies, and structures for work quality, dimensional accuracy, and conformance to engineering drawings and specifications, using precision measuring and testing instruments and equipment: Reads inspection logs and operation sheets to determine nature and sequence of inspection. Reviews blueprints and production diagrams to visualize layout and assembly procedures, locate critical references, determine parts and materials requirements, dimensions, and finish specifications. Inspects laminated and molded structures during all phases of fabrication and assembly to ensure adherence to specifications. Visually inspects parts and assemblies for fissures, porosity, delaminations, contour, and other physical characteristics. Measures parts and assemblies for dimensional accuracy, using precision measuring instruments, templates, jigs, and fixtures. Verifies location of installed fasteners and hardware. Reads pyrometers, timers, and pressure instruments to verify that operation of curing ovens and other equipment conforms to specifications. Examines assembly surfaces subsequent to curing to ensure specified smoothness and evenness of finish. Sets up and operates test equipment to perform pressure and functional testing of parts and assemblies, and to measure physical properties, such as thickness and hardness. Calculates and records test results. Accepts or rejects parts and assemblies, and prepares documentation to record inspection results, rework required, and disposition of unacceptable products. Confers with production, liaison, inspection, and other personnel to coordinate inspection process and to discuss inspection results. May inspect and test bonding of parts from metal and nonmetallic materials, such as graphite and fiberglass, and be designated Metal Bond Inspector. May be designated by material or process as Inspector, Advanced Composite; Inspector, Plastics Fabrication-Developmental; Inspector, Production Plastic Parts; Inspector, Structural Bonding.