Plastic Jig and Fixture Builder

Fabricate precision plastic checking fixtures.

What does a Plastic Jig and Fixture Builder do?

Fabricates precision plastic checking fixtures used to determine accuracy of stamped metal parts: Casts plastic reproduction from model of part [PLASTIC DUPLICATOR]. Lays out reference lines on cast as guides in assembling, fitting, and trimming operations, using height gauges, surface plates, squares, protractors, and other measuring instruments. Cuts and trims casts following reference lines, using files, saws, planes, and other handtools. Assembles casts with glue, bolts, and other fasteners. Fits and fastens metal inserts into fixture at specified points to increase strength or accuracy. Verifies dimensions of completed fixture for conformance to specifications, using templates and measuring instruments. May fabricate metal inserts used in fixture, using powered saws, powered grinder, and files.