Plastic Hospital Products Assembler

Perform tasks to assemble and package disposable plastic hospital products.

What does a Plastic Hospital Products Assembler do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble and package disposable plastic hospital products, such as hypodermic syringes, catheters, and intravenous apparatus: Reviews work order and selects component parts to assemble specified product. Fits and assembles parts together, using adhesives and handtools, or heats, bonds, and welds parts together, using automatic equipment. Visually inspects products for defects, verifies conformance to specifications, and rejects defective products. Packages assembled product into plastic bag or other container and seals package, using sealing machine. Packs sealed product and instructional information into cartons, and labels cartons with identifying information. May stack cartons in sterilization chamber, seal chamber, and turn valves to admit gas into chamber to sterilize product.