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Plastic Boat Patcher

Repair and repaint defects in fiberglass boat hulls, decks, and cabins.

What does a Plastic Boat Patcher do?

Repairs and repaints defects in fiberglass boat hulls, decks, and cabins, using handtools and power tools: Examines parts for defects, such as cracks and holes. Drills out defective areas or smooths rough edges, using portable electric drill and grinder. Cuts out patch of fiberglass material, using shears. Mixes resin and catalyst, dips patch in solution, and places patch over defect. Shapes and smooths edges to match contour of patched area. Fills holes with plastic filler material. Smooths repaired surfaces, using sandpaper or power disk sander. Mixes plastic paint with catalyst and sprays repaired surfaces, using spray gun. Cuts out damaged wood bracing strips, using portable electric saw. Replaces and bonds strips in place with saturated fiberglass mat. Touches up flaws, using paintbrush. May polish repainted sections.