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Plaster Form Maker

Cast plaster patterns used in shaping plastic-impregnated materials.

What does a Plaster Form Maker do?

Casts plaster patterns used in shaping plastic or plastic-impregnated materials: Brushes inside of mold sections with lubricant, and bolts sections together. Mixes specified amounts of plaster and water in mixing machine. Pours plaster into mold and positions mold in machine that rolls mold to distribute mixture evenly and facilitate drying. Repeats operation, after each layer of plaster has set, to build casting to specified thickness. Removes bolts from mold and pries sections apart, using bar. Removes fins and flanges from pattern, using scraper. Fills bubble holes and smooths uneven surfaces with wet plaster. Places pattern in drying room to cure. May coat pattern with sealing lacquer.