Plasma Processing Centrifuge Operator

Tend centrifuges which separate plasma from whole blood.

What does a Plasma Processing Centrifuge Operator do?

Tends centrifuges which separate plasma from whole blood for extraction of plasma: Packs plastic bags containing freshly drawn whole blood into designated containers in centrifuge. Fastens centrifuge cover and depresses switch to activate centrifuge mechanism. Removes centrifuged whole blood units after designated time, examines each to confirm separation of plasma from whole blood, and places each whole blood unit in plasma extractor, positioning holes at top of plastic bag on metal prongs. Inserts plastic tube of transfer unit into each whole blood unit and observes process as plasma is extracted from upper portion of plastic bag into bottle, to make certain that no red blood cells are drawn into plasma bottle. Seals off bottle and returns plasma bottle to rack. Removes blood unit from holder and gives to nursing personnel for return to donor. Marks each plasma bottle with blood group as indicated on plastic bag to assure separation of blood groups and prevent cross-contamination of blood groups during fractionation. Stores filled bottles of plasma in freezer. Cleans centrifuges and work area.