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Plasma Cutter

Operate a machine that cuts metal into various shapes.

What does a Plasma Cutter do?

When pressure is applied to metal, it would rather bend than break. This is, in part, what makes metal so suitable for manufacturing processes. It’s strong stuff!

However, this strength can cause some problems, as it’s hard to chop the metal into different sizes and shapes. That’s where the Plasma Cutter comes in. A Plasma Cutter uses a specific tool that can whack at that metal, making manufacturing easier.

The machine you use as a Plasma Cutter relies on hot gas and a spark. It can be a dangerous tool if your attention strays or if you’re not wearing the proper gear. It can also be a tough piece to fix if something goes wrong. Instead of making repairs yourself, you place a call to the Mechanic and turn the tool off until it’s fixed.

At the beginning of a project, you look at blueprints of the product you’re going to make. Then you download the proper computer program written by a CNC Programmer, load raw materials into your machine, and run one sample product. When this product is complete, you check it carefully to make sure it matches the drawings exactly. If it does not, you contact the CNC Programmer and ask for adjustments.

The pieces you make are often large and quite heavy. In fact, you must use a forklift to pick up completed items and deliver them to the warehouse for assembly. Each time you leave your station, you make sure the equipment is safe and secure so no accidents occur.