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Plant Supervisor

Hire staff, schedule trainings, and make sure your factory runs smoothly.

What does a Plant Supervisor do?

The word “plant” can be used to describe a facility that manufactures anything from plastic to chemicals to food. These factories often have a lot of equipment, and a lot of people to run that equipment. A Plant Supervisor is responsible for taking care of both the people and the machines they use.

Managing people often means managing paperwork. As a Plant Supervisor, you’re responsible for looking over job applications, and hiring new staff. You also make sure that staff has appropriate training, and conduct evaluations of their performance. Additionally, you set up work schedules for your employees, and see to it that they come to work on time.

If an employee is having problems at work, they will likely come to talk to you first. So one of your responsibilities as Plant Supervisor is to provide solutions. You also watch your employees as they work, making sure they’re following the company’s safety standards.

Managing equipment means being on call, all the time. When something breaks, you’re the first person called, and you zip down to the plant to fix the equipment as quickly as possible. You check the equipment periodically, and direct your staff to fix problems before they grow and spread. You also work to acquire new machines, and write reports about why that equipment will help your plant.

Your job involves a bit of sweet-talking. You need to coax your workers to stay focused and work as hard as they can. You also need to persuade aging equipment to keep working so you won’t have costly shutdowns that you’ll have to explain to senior management.