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Plant Propagator

Create new, hybrid plants.

What does a Plant Propagator do?

A Plant Propagator creates new and improved varieties of fruits, vegetables, and other plants by reproducing species from parent stock. Plant Propagators take their wealth of knowledge about horticulture and the environment, and develop and revise plants to specification. If you’re a Plant Propagator, you work for a team of researchers, most likely in a laboratory setting, where you receive assignments involving various plant problems. The work you do may result in more blossoms or fruit; stronger plants; longer flowering or harvest seasons; or varieties that are able to grow in different weather conditions, resist pests, and withstand harsh chemicals.

Your daily work entails creating new growth for a given plant. You do this by carefully choosing the proper container, growth hormones, and soil. Then you cut leaves and stems from the main plant, and add the cutting to your soil mixture.

You also experiment with the main plant, burying its branches, cutting into them, or taking samples and rhizomes. You may also graft together multiple samples and investigate new species altogether. Additionally, you pay close attention to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind.

Working with a team means you have to be a good communicator. You also need a keen eye for detail in order to monitor the progress of your experiments, keep accurate records of all activities, and write up reports for your superiors.