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Plant Manager

Oversee daily manufacturing plant production rates and worker safety.

What does a Plant Manager do?

A plant manager is ultimately responsible for everything that happens within a plant or factory. You know your plant and employees extremely well, and you know just how to increase production without breaking morale.

As a plant manager, you spend a portion of your day walking the floor of the factory. You inspect the product your workers are making to ensure that it meets the company’s standards. In addition, you make sure your workers are wearing protective gear.

These inspections also let you know whether there are safety hazards in the plant, such as spills or blocked exits. If you find any problems, you correct them. You may march back to your office afterwards to write stern memos about what you found.

You’re in charge of personnel issues, writing up evaluations about your workers, and designing training materials to help them work more efficiently. You also study reports from the accounting department about the plant’s productivity.

When a worker has a complaint or problem, you’re the one they come to. You may be asked to resolve minor scheduling concerns, or referee personality clashes. While this parental aspect of the job may be a bit tedious, remember that small problems can quickly be solved. Large problems often require lawyers and paperwork. It’s best to address the issues when they’re small.

You may grow protective of your workers, as they are your responsibility. It’s important to balance this feeling with the needs of the plant, however. At times these two priorities may be at odds with each other, so you need a level head to keep your loyalties in the proper proportion.