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Planer Type Milling Machine Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate planer-type milling machines that move workpieces.

What does a Planer Type Milling Machine Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates planer-type milling machine that moves workpiece back and forth against rigidly held rotating cutters to mill workpieces, such as castings and machine parts, according to knowledge of planer-mill operating procedures: Studies blueprints or layout on workpiece to determine machine set-up, and sequence of machining operations. Lifts workpiece, using hoist, to position on machine bed. Secures workpiece in holding fixture, using wrenches, and verifies position, using gauges, calipers, or square. Selects cutting tool and mounts it in spindle, using handtools. Adjusts controls to set feed rate, speed of cutting tool, and depth of cut. Turns controls to position cutting tool relative to workpiece, starts machine, and engages automatic feed. Observes operation, stops machine to change cutting tool, and adjust controls. Verifies conformance of workpiece to finished specifications, using precision measuring instruments. Removes workpiece from machine bed.