Planer Operator

Set up and operate power-fed facers or planer machines.

What does a Planer Operator do?

Sets up and operates power-fed facer or planer machine to surface and size woodstock used in furniture production: Selects and installs knives in cutterhead according to work order, using wrenches and gauges. Turns handwheels to adjust table level, pressure bars, and feed rolls according to depth of cut and thickness of stock. Starts planer, and positions woodstock on conveyor or inserts woodstock between feed rolls that carry woodstock through planer. Inspects and feels planed woodstock to verify smoothness of cut and thickness of stock, using gauge and rule. May sharpen cutters on abrasive wheel or stone. May operate circular saw to remove woodstock defects, such as splits and holes, and to square ends of stock prior to processing boards through planer [CUT-OFF-SAW OPERATOR 667.682-022]. May signal coworker to stop feeding stock into planer when jams occur.