Pizza Delivery Driver

Deliver pizzas and treats to happy customers.

What does a Pizza Delivery Driver do?

Delivery pizza might be one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. Having hot pizza brought to the door is pretty much the only thing that can improve hanging out with friends or sitting around in sweats. A Pizza Delivery Driver is part of the process that makes this happiness happen. Pizza Delivery Drivers bring pizza orders to people’s front doors, and take money for those orders.

The job of Pizza Delivery Driver starts at the pizza restaurant or chain where you work. Customers call or email in an order, including the address where they want it delivered. After the food is prepared, you grab the address and pizza, and head for your car.

You either need to know the streets of the city or town where you’re delivering, or have a pretty reliable GPS. Many restaurants give a timeframe when customers can expect their meal, and if it’s late and gets cold, you’re the one to get in trouble.

When you deliver the meal, you also take payment. Usually, this is cash, but some pizza places now accept credit cards or, in the case of college campuses, school dollars. In order to make change, you need some basic math skills. But don’t worry too much because people usually have their money out and ready.

The good thing about this job is it’s not that difficult and you usually get tipped. The bad thing is you occasionally encounter some annoying people, especially college kids late at night.