Pizza Baker

Bake pizzas to perfection.

What does a Pizza Baker do?

Pepperoni and sausage, black olive and artichoke, or the classic Hawaiian-pizza means something different to everyone. Whether thick crust or thin, heavy on the sauce or light, one thing’s for sure: Once the creation is made to the customer’s specifications, it must then be baked to perfection. That’s where the Pizza Baker comes in!

As a Pizza Baker, you might complete just part of the process, or perform every job from slicing vegetables to delivering dinner to the customer’s table. For example, you might take orders, add toppings, knead dough, clean countertops, or package hot pizzas for delivery. In larger establishments, you might spend your entire shift moving pizzas in and out of the oven.

To make sure you reduce the risk of burns, trips, and spills, you take care to monitor your surroundings. You keep items (including grease and crumbs) cleaned up. You also use special tools to insert, spin, slide, and remove the pizzas from the blazing hot oven.

This is a great entry-level job if you hope to continue within the food service industry, become a Restaurant Owner, or just hope to move into the Delivery Driver ‘s seat. It’s also a great part-time paycheck that you can earn while going to school or working elsewhere. Whatever your reasons, becoming a Pizza Baker is a great way to get your foot in the door and acquire some necessary kitchen experience for your resume.