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Pit Clerk

Gather game and player stats at the casino floor.

What does a Pit Clerk do?

A casino is a flurry of activity: money is constantly coming in and going out, players are up, odds are long. Someone has to turn all this information into something that the Pit Boss can use to rate players and hand out “comps” (free stuff for high rollers). That person is you, the Pit Clerk. A Pit Clerk works a computer right in the heart of an action-packed casino, plugging game and gambler information into the system and handing results over to the Pit Boss.

To be a Pit Clerk, you need to know how to work a computer, enter data, and focus on a handful of vital goals in the midst of organized chaos. While casinos typically run 24/7, you’re always working against the clock to give your Supervisor the most up-to-date information about players, and how the floor is doing according to the numbers. As a Pit Clerk, your best friend and worst enemy is numbers. You are right in the thick of things, processing the stats you get from the floor versus the clock on the wall.

Your computer station is in the pit, where all the casino action happens. You’re part of a team of other Clerks, answering to the Pit Boss. It’s an action-packed place, so expect a challenge every day.

Be ready with a sure smile and a cool head for when things get hectic. You’ll be paid hourly, with a regular schedule, but expect some overtime during the busiest parts of the year.