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Clear brush and dig ditches to lay new oil pipes.

What does a Pipeliner do?

Typically working for oil companies, a Pipeliner is responsible for general pipeline construction and maintenance. The pipeline is a system of pipes used to transport oil from one location to another. Pipeliners keep oil running properly throughout the length of the system, and prepare for replacements and additions.

When a new pipeline is created, or when pieces must be replaced, it’s your responsibility as a Pipeliner to prepare the ground for it. You dig ditches, clean out brush and other vegetation, and build and repair fences when necessary. Any way you look at it, this job requires physical exertion and muscle strength.

As intervals between projects may be extensive, expect to spend time working as the general “go-to” person for odd jobs around the worksite and office facilities. You’ll clean the office, organize tools, repair and maintain equipment, and even mow the lawn on occasion.

Aside from physical strength, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are important as well, as you’ll work directly with property owners and interpret land plot maps. At the end of the day, if you like working with both your brain and your hands, this may be the perfect job for you.