Pipefitter Helper

Help Pipefitters by cleaning and organizing pipes, fittings, and tools.

What does a Pipefitter Helper do?

When a house or building is being constructed, a Pipefitter is part of the building crew. They make sure the pipes that will eventually carry things like water and gas are properly installed according to the Designer ‘s blueprints. This takes a lot of work, and the only way to get hired as a full-fledged Pipefitter is by knowing the job thoroughly.

For both these reasons, the Pipefitter Helper position was created. In this role, you’re the Pipefitter’s assistant. And like any assistant, you help the boss with anything and everything that needs to get done.

Your responsibilities are pretty basic, and this role is usually used as a training ground to get you prepared to move up. At the beginning of each job, you’re in charge of getting all the necessary pieces of equipment together and ready for use. You also make sure the pipes, valves, and couplings are clean and organized. Additionally, you check that the drills are working and have the necessary bits, and that the correct type of glue or adhesive is on hand.

While the job is in progress, you assist the Pipefitter by handing supplies, holding pipes, and helping put them together. If a pipe needs to go through a wall, you’re the one who drills the hole and helps position the new pipeline through to the other side. When the job ends, you restock supplies and clean up the area.