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Pipe Organ Tuner and Repairer

Tune and service pipe organs.

What does a Pipe Organ Tuner and Repairer do?

Tunes and services pipe organs: Directs helper to depress organ console key and strikes tuning fork to sound A above Middle C. Adjusts pitch of organ A pipes to conform with pitch of tuning fork and adjusts pitch of other pipes with references to pitch of other pipes with reference to pitch of tuned pipes by any combination of following methods: Raises or lowers tuning slides and stoppers of metal and wooden pipes. Rolls or unrolls curled strips of metal across tuning holes of metal pipes. Pinches or spreads metal lips that protrude from mouths of metal pipes. Flares or closes metal pipes, using cone-shaped tool. Cleans pipes, using vacuum cleaner, and repairs or replaces worn parts of pipes, console, bellows, and blower, using handtools and power tools, such as pliers and electric sander. May assemble and install new pipe organs in buildings, such as churches and theatres [PIPE-ORGAN INSTALLER].