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Pipe Coverer and Insulator

Cover boilers, pipes, tanks, and refrigeration units.

What does a Pipe Coverer and Insulator do?

Covers boilers, pipes, tanks, and refrigeration units, with insulating materials, such as asbestos, cork, plastic, and magnesia to reduce loss or absorption of heat, prevent moisture condensation, and to deaden sound: Wires prefabricated asbestos covering around steam and hot water piping, using handtools. Trowels mastic or brushes cement on asbestos cloth to obtain smooth finish and covers piping with cloth. Fits thermoblock and magnesia-block insulation around insulating boilers, evaporators, and turbines. Wires insulation on machinery and staples wire netting over insulation. Trowels cement on wire netting to protect insulating material. Wires cork on salt water, refrigeration, and air-conditioning piping and cements cloth over insulating material to obtain smooth finish. Cuts sheets of insulation into sections, using handsaw and miter box. Fits and cements sections around fittings. Covers gas piping of refrigeration or air-conditioning systems with molded plastic. Fabricates detachable insulation for valves or similar fitting by measuring connections, preparing patterns, cutting asbestos cloth, stuffing cloth with amosite, and sewing cover together on power sewing machine. Wires detachable covers on valves or fittings, using handtools. Installs fiberglass or spun glass on ventilating systems to deaden sound and prevent vibration.