Pineapple Plantation Manager

Ensure the productivity and smooth operations of a pineapple orchard.

What does a Pineapple Plantation Manager do?

A Pineapple Plantation Manager oversees the planting, growth, and harvesting of pineapples. A Pineapple Plantation Manager may be responsible for a single facility or for many interrelated planting areas.

The pineapple has one of the longest growth cycles of any fruit or vegetable – it can take from over a year to up to two years to grow a single fruit. During this time, the plant needs meticulous care and attention. Watering, fertilization, pollination, and the extermination of pests, among other tasks, all need to be closely monitored.

However, if you’re a Pineapple Plantation Manager, you won’t have to do it alone. You hire and manage work teams to help with the various aspects of running a plantation. You hire experienced people to tend the crops during their long growing seasons, and supplement your team with possibly less-skilled workers for the busy planting and harvesting parts of the process. Depending on how many facilities your company has or how it allocates the land, you could rotate different teams continuously through the different areas, as crops mature and need replanting.

You have a bird’s eye view of the entire process. You understand how to balance the needs of one of nature’s strangest and most delicious fruits with the resources you have available. Considering sustainability and the environment is also important, and is a very contentious issue in many regions where pineapples are grown. Expect to put in more than 40 hours every week as you come up with the most effective plans to serve your customers, superiors, workers, and the environment.