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Pigment Furnace Tender

Tend kilns or furnaces that make pigments.

What does a Pigment Furnace Tender do?

Tends kiln or furnace that makes pigments from specified chemical ingredients or develops specified colors in pigments or metallic powders for use in making paints, enamels, and varnishes: Weighs or measures specified chemical ingredients and dumps them into furnace hopper, conveyor, blending, pulverizing and sifting machine hoppers, or into clay saggers. Opens chute on hopper or conveyor, or shovels prepared charge into furnace. Positions specified temperature cam into automatic heat control unit, or turns dials to specified setting to regulate temperature, temperature changes, and heating and cooling cycles. Observes control panel of furnace to verify standard functioning of preset furnace. Opens discharge chute, or shovels pigment or powder from furnace. May clean and adjust burners on gas-fired furnaces. May verify color of pigments or powders to standard samples or color chart.