Piercing Machine Operator

Set up and operate piercing machines to shape metal tubes.

What does a Piercing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates piercing machine to shape metal tubes from billets or enlarge inside diameter of shells according to job order or blueprints: Selects, positions, and adjusts piercing rolls, which rotate and shape outside of tube, using hoists, wrenches, measuring instruments, and knowledge of metal properties. Attaches specified piercing point to arbor to form and control size of internal diameter of tube. Adjusts feed guides, stops, tailstock, and arbor rings according to size of workpiece, using handtools. Moves levers to control movement of heated billet as it advances through rolls and over piercing point. Measures finished workpiece to verify conformance to specifications, using calipers, fixed gauges, and micrometers. May be specified by employer according to experience with particular material worked or machine operated.