Pickling Solution Maker

Tend machines that mix pickling solution for use in curing meats.

What does a Pickling Solution Maker do?

Tends machine that mixes pickling solution for use in curing meats: Weighs specified amount of dry ingredients, such as phosphate and nitrate, on scale, according to written specifications. Turns valve to fill vat of mixing machine with water, and dumps dry ingredients into vat. Presses button to activate machine agitator that mixes ingredients and turns valve to admit brine solution into vat. Tests mixed solution for saline content, using salinometer, and turns valve to stop flow of brine solution into vat when specified saline content is obtained. Turns drain valve or presses pump button to drain or pump mixed pickling solution from vat into storage tank for use in curing process. May turn steam valve to heat solution to specified temperature. May weigh specified amounts of ingredients to prepare dry-cure mix and mix ingredients, using ladle or electric mixer. May observe meat color to determine degree of cure.