Picker Tender

Tend battery of picker machines that break up and clean cottons.

What does a Picker Tender do?

Tends battery of picker machines that break up and clean cotton or synthetic fibers, form them into lap II, and wind lap into rolls: Starts machine and pulls cord to open gate of hopper through which cotton tufts feed onto conveyor of machine or hand feeds cotton tufts onto conveyor. Moves levers to regulate weight, length of lap, and speed of machine. Observes and regulates speed of conveyor as conveyor feeds machine to prevent jamming. Inserts metal bar in lap arbor of automatic winding mechanism that winds and ejects lap rolls of specified size. Turns end of lap around lap forming bar by hand, when necessary. Lifts roll of lap from machine, weighs roll of lap, records weight, places roll on portable rack, and removes pin around which lap was wound. Marks lap to identify fiber type, using specified chalk. Cleans and oils machine. May tend machines that open, clean, fluff, and mix cotton or synthetic fibers prior to picking process [OPENER TENDER 680.685-070].