Picker Machine Operator

Tend machines that fluff and clean new and used materials.

What does a Picker Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that fluffs and cleans new and used materials, such as cotton, kapok, and sisal used in pads, cushions, and mattresses, performing any combination of following tasks: Moves guide on machine to direct cleaned material into storage bins or garnett machine. Opens bales of material, such as cotton and sisal, using wirecutter and knife. Pulls bales apart, starts machine, and feeds specified grades of material into machine hopper. May weigh specified amounts of material according to grades, using platform scales. May tie mattress cover to filling spout and move guide to direct material into it. May be designated according to type of material picked as Cotton Picker; Excelsior Picker; Fiber Picker; Sisal Picker; Tow Picker. May tend machine that produces rolls of felt from fluffed and cleaned fiber [GARNETT-MACHINE OPERATOR].