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Piano Technician

Replace the complex and high-tension innards of expensive pianos.

What does a Piano Technician do?

As a Piano Technician, you troubleshoot, tune, service, and repair pianos. You’re intimately familiar with many different makes and models of piano, their inner workings, and the theories and practice of tuning and repairing them. Specialized tools like tuning forks, hammers, and devices that adjust pins and wires inside pianos are all part of your daily arsenal.

You do most of your work on location, as pianos are understandably difficult to move. Depending on your workplace, you could have a predictable schedule with a small group of clients, or spend the whole day flitting from job to job with no real stability. If you love working with pianos, testing your skills and your ear for perfect tones, then this job could be worth it for you. While almost all Technicians use electronic devices to aid in tuning pianos, you must also be able to do so by ear.

Musicians, music schools, and concert facilities all need the skills of Piano Technicians. You could work in-house at one of these places or at a facility where pianos are built, or even go into business for yourself. An eye for detail and a good ear are necessary for the job, but past experience as a Musician is not – although it could certainly be helpful. Some Piano Technicians also have cabinetmaking skills, and assist in repairing and refinishing the bodies of older or damaged pianos.