Piano Teacher

Share piano techniques with students.

What does a Piano Teacher do?

Humans experience the world through their senses. One rich and rewarding sensation is the sound of music. Children and adults alike feel and express emotions through music. To help students learn to master the art of expression through the piano, Piano Teachers share their knowledge and passion via lessons.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up and play an instrument, you know how challenging it is. The piano is no exception. As a Piano Teacher, you’ve spent countless hours practicing the skill and you’ve perhaps even played for a band, theater group, or symphony.

Your first task as a Piano Teacher is to evaluate your student’s skills. You might be working with a five-year-old who has trouble spreading his fingers wide enough to hit the keys, or an amateur Musician practicing for this year’s production of The Nutcracker Suite. Whatever the age and experience level, you create a lesson plan that helps them learn and grow. You have boxes of sheet music and piano books, and an arsenal of equipment that helps you evaluate students’ skills, target areas for improvement, and challenge them with new techniques.

Your skills as a Pianist allow you to choose your work environment. You could offer your services on a part-time basis, or make a full-time gig out of it. Opportunities are present at music schools and public school band programs. For added flexibility, you could offer lessons from the comfort of your home.