Piano Stringer

Stretch and tune piano wires into perfectly pitched strings.

What does a Piano Stringer do?

A Piano Stringer strings and attaches wires to a piano using hand tools. Piano Stringers are extremely familiar with the instrument, and are often expert players themselves. And it is that familiarity that allows them to identify the problem strings and create better-fitting, tuned strings for the piano.

If you’re a Piano Stringer, you most likely work for a company that makes house calls to those in need of some piano stringing and tuning, but you could also work for a music store, in the service department. On a daily basis, you travel to customers’ homes or businesses. Keeping in mind the particular make and model of the customer’s piano, you identify which strings need to be changed by locating the appropriate tuning pins. Next, you thread the new wires through, around the hatch pin, and through another tuning pin using a variety of hand tools.

Finally, you tense the string properly and cut off the excess. You also make sure the alignment and spacing on all of the strings are correct, and you attach a metal pressure bar in order to stabilize the strings.

But your job doesn’t end with the stringing. You don’t leave the customer without plucking the strings, adjusting the tuning pin, and bringing the note within a certain range. After tuning the piano and packing away your tools, you present the invoice to the customer.