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Piano Regulator-Inspector

Perform tasks to inspect and regulate piano internal actions.

What does a Piano Regulator-Inspector do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect and regulate piano internal actions: Examines piano action components after installation for completeness and operation, and removes, repairs, or replaces defective or broken parts, using handtools, glue, nails, and power tools, such as saw, sander, and drill. Verifies alignment of parts, using ruler and gauges. Scrapes, files, bends or adds shims and bushings to adjust operation of alignment of parts as specified. Depresses piano keys to verify operation of piano actions and makes adjustments to obtain specified performance. May mix glue. May assemble parts on to complete assembly prior to regulating. May specialize in inspecting and regulating particular type piano actions, such as spinet, upright, or grand.