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Piano Player

Play piano professionally at clubs, lobbies, restaurants, or on stage.

What does a Piano Player do?

Piano Players offer entertainment to audiences in venues ranging from department stores to rock concerts, and everywhere in between.

If you enjoy spending your time hammering the ivories, a job as a Piano Player can be rewarding and profitable. After all, using your hobby to earn a paycheck ensures job satisfaction.

Being a Piano Player also offers variety depending on your particular talent. For example, if you love to play classical music, you could work in a variety of venues, providing background music during parties and other functions. Jobs as a Hotel Lobby Piano Player and Restaurant Piano Player are just a few examples.

Another popular way to use your skills is by backing up other Musicians. Whether in the recording studio, on stage, or as part of an orchestra, you contribute to the overall experience of the audience.

If you prefer, you could book gigs with a theater group, accompany a Soloist, play for a dance class, provide the music for voice lessons, or give the choir a key.

Wherever you choose to play, though, you must dress the part. That might mean donning a tuxedo to entertain the guests on a cruise ship, or matching the look of the band when you go on tour. In addition to playing well and having the perfect look, you’re a master at handling the paperwork side of the job. That means scheduling performances, handling payments, and processing tax information.