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Piano Case and Bench Assembler

Perform tasks to assemble piano frames, cases, and benches.

What does a Piano Case and Bench Assembler do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble piano frames, cases, and benches, using carpenter’s handtools, templates, jigs, and woodworking machines: Fits keybeds, shelves, music racks, and other case parts for assembly by sawing, drilling holes, and sanding material to fit, using handtools, bandsaw, jig, drill press, and sandpaper. Applies glue to side pieces and back frame parts with brush and positions material in clamp for drying, or gives material to GLUING-MACHINE OPERATOR, ELECTRONIC for gluing and clamping. Installs additional pieces, such as pedalboard, toe rails, music racks, keycover rod, hardware, and decorative items, using handtools, work aids, and portable power tools. May be designated according to item assembled as Bottom Board And Truss Leg Installer; Key-Bed Installer; Piano Bench Assembler; Side Gluer; Top Case Assembler.